Kardynał Stefan Wyszyński udziela święceń kapłańskich Jerzemu PopiełuszceHe was ordained as a priest, Jerzy Popiełuszko, on May 28, 1972 by Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the Primate of Poland. The first Holy Mass he celebrated was in Suchowola. Soon afterwards, Fr. Jerzy became a curate of the Holy Trinity Parish in Ząbki, near Warsaw, then later in Anin. That was a great challenge for him as he wanted to remain true to himself and close to people he served. He had "a special touch" - recalls one of his friends - and quickly became a favourite among his parishioners. Friendships made during that period lasted until the priest's death. Many of his friends provided shelter for him from the security service. Popiełuszko was a man of many talents and ideas, with great organizing skills. Those qualities won over many warm and friendly people. He was known for his independent conduct and judgement, also for his courage to promote his ideals.

Piotr Łysakowski