Let's create a Virtual Remembrance Map

Death of Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko caused a shock. Tomb of the murdered priest, became an end of pilgrimage, and the monthly Masses for the Homeland gathered the faithful from places very distant from Żoliborz church. Numerous forms of commemorating Fr. Jerzy, eg. monuments, plaques, and symbolic graves emerged throughout the country (and abroad). Unfortunately, today, many of them are forgotten.
Institute of National Remembrance would like to gather the most complete information on these initiatives. If there is a symbolic grave of Fr. Jerzy in your parish, or any other form of commemoration - please send to IPN the information, photos, and/or descriptions. Submitted photographs will be placed on the virtual rememberance map, part of the site www.popieluszko.pl.
Correspondence should be addressed to e-mail: karol.madaj @ ipn.gov.pl, or: Karol Madai, Office of Public Education, IPN, Towarowa 28, 01-209 Warsaw.

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