At the grave of Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko

Originally, Fr. Jerzy was meant to be interred at Powązki, the most respectable Warsaw’s necropolis, but his friends, and above all Fr. Teofil Bogucki (the parson of Fr. Jerzy’s first parish) decided to bury Fr. Popiełuszko in front of the St. Stanisław Kostka Church. The grave in the shape of a burial-mound is surrounded by a large rosary made of field stones, arranged in the shape of present Polish borders. A cross stems out of the tomb and above there is a crowned eagle with the image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra on its chest.

On June 14, 1987 Pope John Paul II was praying at the Fr. Jerzy’s grave. Almost all the greatest and mighty people of this world paid the tribute to Fr. Popiełuszko e. g. primates and cardinals from the Vatican, England, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, the Philippines, Mexico, Germany, Rwanda. U.S. Vice President George Bush, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, John The Grand Duke of Luxembourg, President of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, President of Bulgaria Żeliu Żelew, President of Latvia Anatolijs Gorbunovs, Vice Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Hans Dietrich Genscher, Chancellor of Austria Alois Mock, and many others.
Since the beginning of November 1984, the grave of Fr. Jerzy was visited by more than 15 million visitors and pilgrims.

Each year, on October 19, in the anniversary of Fr. Jerzy’s death, thousands of people arrive to the Żoliborz sanctuary with prayers for the beatification of Fr. Popiełuszko.